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Reminder About Information In Support Of Any Claims 2/25/2010
As a reminder any evidence in the form of statements from members, reports that may be printed to show strangers performing... More

National Section Six Notices Served On Clerks And Carmen 11/11/2009
On November 2, 2009, the National Carriers' Conference Committee (NCCC) served National Section Six Notices on TCU Carmen and Clerks. ... More

Increase in the Retention of Membership (Out of Work) Dues 9/20/2009
At TCU's 33rd Regular Convention, delegates passed a resolution amending Article 26, Section 2(a) of the Constitution to increase the retention... More

Increase in Initiation Fee and Reinstatement Fee 9/20/2009
At TCU's 33rd Convention, delegates passed resolutions amending Article 26, Section 1(a) of the Constitution, having the effect of establishing initiation... More

Union Plus Unemployment Assistance Benefits 9/20/2009
As layoffs increase, union members facing financial hardship can turn to UnionPlus benefits for help.

Laid-off Union Plus Credit Cardholders may be... More

Wellness Programs Available 9/20/2009
The National Railroad Health Plans have made Wellness Programs available to you and your dependents. At no additional cost, you... More

Aetna National Dental Plan Corrects Coordination of Benefits Policy 4/20/2009
The change applies only where Aetna is the secondary payer and the primary payer is another plan.

Aetna had been administering the... More

Contacting The Railroad Retirement Board By Telephone 4/5/2009
The Rairroad Retirement Board effective January 1, 2009, instituted a new Toll-Free Number which everyone must use if you want to... More

Status Of The National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust's Investments 4/5/2009
The national economy has also had an effect on the National Railroad Retirement Investment Trust (NRRIT) and their investments. You... More

Union Plus Benefits Programs 6/22/2008
Through TCU's participation in the Union Plus Benfits Programs, TCU members and their family members (some programs include parents) can enjoy... More

Assistance For Members Having Social and/or Family Problems 6/8/2008
Another helpful resource for our members that may be having personal or family problems regarding, but not limited to, alcoholism, child... More

Union Plus Program Helps Members With Debt Problems 4/26/2008
There is a "Union Plus Program" that will help a member tackle their debt. For a member worried about mounting... More

Resolution 17 - Found On Page 144 Of The TCU Constitution Dealing With Strikes 4/6/2008
So that all of our members can review it, below is the language of Resolution 17 which addresses the honoring of... More

Get All The Most Up To Date and Current TCU Information Fast 3/15/2008
The Grand Lodge is encouraging all members to sign up for the TCU weekly "Flash News". It is easy to... More

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