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Reminder About Information In Support Of Any Claims
As a reminder any evidence in the form of statements from members, reports that may be printed to show strangers performing work, etc., that can be used to support our position in any claim, should be given to the Local Chairman as soon as possible in the claims handling procedure, so that the Local Chairman can forward all the evidence onto the Grand Lodge office with the claim when it is being sent to the them for their handling.

Also, if there is evidence that by printing it or gathering it could potentially put any employee at risk of discipline, we should advise the Grand Lodge office of such evidence or reports that the Carrier has and they can reference it in their appeal and request that the Carrier provide the documents; or, that they grant us a joint check of the records for review.

Also, it would be helpfull for the Grand Lodge office to know if a Claimant in a discipline case has 1) any previous discipline on file, 2) if so, what was the charge and discipline assessed, i.e., record suspension, coaching and counseling, etc.. and 3) how long said member has been employed by the Carrier.

Any help you can be in obtaining any of the above mentioned information and/or evidence and getting it to the Local Chairmen right away for his handling, for any and all future claims would be greatly appreciated.

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Last modified: 10/27/2012

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